A Taste of Love (2001)

A Taste of Love (2001)


Qiao Huazhi was a kindergarten teacher with an optimistic and cheerful personality. She lived a harmonious life with her mother and stepfather until one day she received a lawyer’s letter asking her to inherit her biological father Jiang Yaozhu 51% stake in a seafood restaurant named Bailixian on Lamma Island, and met with her half-brother Jiang Shang, whom she had never met. Baili Xian was originally a famous restaurant on the island, but since Zhu’s death, the position of the chef has been hanging, and the business has since plummeted. Zhiwei was inferior, so looking for the legendary genius chef Ma You to come back.

Other Name: 美味情緣

Released: Jun. 04, 2001





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